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St. Mary of Egypt Refuge

The Refuge is a place where ordinary people come together in a beautiful, natural setting for respite and support.

Throughout the course of your stay you'll have a chance to experience the extraordinary through the people you'll meet, the new things you'll try and by coming in contact with something infinitely larger than yourself.

Are you ready for it?

On the Front Burner

  • • We’re hiring — check the job ad for a position this summer at the Refuge.
  • • Upcoming events (click on the links to see one-page PDF posters with details):
    1. — Canoe training, June 26–28 — come learn or upgrade your canoe skills
    2. Compassionate Community Care training, July 5 & 6 — led by Kathy Matusiak Costa and Alex Schadenberg, patient advocacy training for volunteers
    3. Seniors Health and Hair Day, July 8 — for seniors to relax at the Refuge and enjoy special care
    4. — Young adults, volunteer with us at Seniors Health and Hair Day
    5. Family Time, July 10–13, and July 24–27 — for families to spend quality time enjoying the beauties of the Refuge
    6. — ‘Refuge Rendezvous,’ July 14 — for the community to have a fun day at the Refuge, meet one another, see local art, and enjoy food, music and dancing
    7. Iconography Workshop, July 17–20 — a unique chance to learn from iconographer Tatiana Tianovskaia (Moscow Art College)
    8. Retreat led by Deacon Laurent Lafontaine, July 28–30 — the theme is ‘I Have Faith In You: Following Christ on Untrod Paths’
  • • Have a look at our latest paper and e-mail newsletters. Contact us to be added to our mailing list(s).
  • • Cooking with love, and a perfect gift
    Our Refuge is Cooking We’re pleased to announce we’ve published a Refuge cookbook. One of the important tasks for all Refuge programs is making sure there’s good-tasting nutritious food for hungry participants (and staff). Many who have volunteered their time and skill to cook and contribute for the Refuge have supplied many fine recipes.
    You’ve likely figured out by now that the cookbook would make a very good gift. Its title is ‘Our Refuge is Cooking.’ The price is $25 for pick-up (no HST, but shipping extra). Contact us to order.

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